Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello, hope everyone had a great Christmas, we had a nice treat as Granddaughter Lauren cooked dinner. Saturday Curtis and Sandi drove to Tucson with us to attend Nathans' Eagle Award cermony. He gave a great talk and it was so fun to see so many of our family. Had lunch at the Prodromides and visited with the Bells and Ashbys. Today (Monday) Nick and Melanie. (Sophie and Bailey) from Utah hiked Gibb Mountain with Grandpa and I. SO FUN. May your New Year be better for all.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Latest Update

Good morning family! I think winter has arrived, it is 37.8 here in Rainbow Valley. Grandpa and I had our six month checkups, the Doctor said we were both doing awesome, guess we'll be around for awhile.

We are so blessed with this wonderful family. Darling Wyatt was our 17th greatgrand baby, and now 18 (M. Grantham), 19 (V. Berg) and 20 (M. Nielson) will join us by the spring.

My friend Rosie an I started birthday and Christmas shopping last week for little grandkids. Can't believe Cody and Natalie will be 6 and 4 at Thanksgiving.

Saturday, on the way to theTemple, Curtis, Sandi and I had a grand tour of the P. Nielson's new home. We are so proud for you guys!

Love you all,
G & G

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is our New Couch, New Devan, New Daveno, New Sopha, New Chesterfield, That depends

We bought a new couch for our home this week. We gave away our beige/blue/pink sofa that had a queen pull out in it. This new one looked smaller at the store but it is actually a bit larger. Sure is comfy to sit on! It is a medium cocoa in color...stationary...doesn't flip out or recline. We got a really good deal from Ashley Furniture. We picked it up today.

Couch in living room
This is the couch - straight on.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet new greatgrand kids - all 5

We left home early Sept 24th and went to Steve & Emily Bell's in Las Vegas, what a decorator she is, their home is beautiful. She also is an awesome Mom. Little Wyatt is almost 3 months and so cute & sweet. We had dinner and spent the night. Friday morning on to SLC to visit the Ashbys. You get quite and education with three beautiful girls, Amber, Krisa & Briley. The girls made birthday cards for Grandpa (77) and sang to him. Lisa is a very busy Mom, has a garden, and cans everything. She and Devin have always been so special to us.We really miss them since they moved from Flagstaff. Sat. on to Layton to visit old friends and neighbors. Sat. night our sweet Meliane (Nicks' wife) had us for dinner and we caught up on all the latest news. Sunday morning on to visit Matt, Denise and three more great little boys. I do believe Gavin is going to take after his Dad, loves music. Boston & Cooper will be walking soon, they really keep Mom busy. I don't know how Denise keeps up so well. Lisa and Denise both had photo shoots while we were there. Wonderful gals. Then back on the road to home. I found out Grandpa still thinks he is young, had to see how fast our car would go, only 10 hours to get home. Just wanted to thank everyone for our wonderful trip. Love you all.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We arrive back to Rainbow Valley on Tuesday Sept the 8th, after 4 1/2 months even the heat isn't too bad. The hardest part comming home is unloading the mothorhome. Poor Ochi, she just can't figure just where she belongs. Today Grandpa had to go to Tonys' for lunch, so on our way we visited with Carrie and darling little Jaycie. What a cutie, just grins all the time, she even has a look all her own.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27th, we are really having cool nights 40 degrees/ Grandpa says it's time to go home. Right now we plan on returning to the valley on the 8th. We always have Thanksging Dinner at the park for Labor Day. This year many of our friends didn't return, either they couldn't take the alltitude or one of them has passed away. Tuff getting old. Grandpa still looks and acts great, thanks to my pilates I'm also doing fine. Will have foil dinner night with my branch at the Riggs the 31st. Yesterday we had a great end of the summer Enrichment lunch, I love these Sisters.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi everyone, well last week was my healing week after falling out of the motorhome. My ankle still has quite a sore, but able to do my exersise this am. Had a grand time at our little branch yesterday, only two empy seats out of 75. We are going to do our three mile hike today up to the G O field. Called our Lauren yesterday as she now is the big 20. Can't believe our kids are almost all growen up. Love you all, G&G